• Muhammad Noman

    Currently working as a Staff Software Engineer at 10Pearls

    A Professional Software Engineer having experience of more than 6 years in development. I have expertise in both large and small scale mobile and web apps.

    Graduated in Computer Science From FAST-NUCES Karachi in 2016



    JavaScript, TypeScript, Dart, SuiteScript, C#, HTML, CSS, Java, Swift


    MySQL, SQLite, SQLServer, MongoDB, Firbease Firestore, Redis, Neo4J


    Flutter, NodeJS, AngularJS, NetSuite, .NET Core, Android SDK, iOS SDK, Cordova, Ionic

    Cloud Services:

    AWS, Microsoft Azure, Firebase, Firebase FCM, Cloud Functions, GCP, Docker, Jenkins

  • Professional Experience

    10Pearls - May 2022 - Present

    Staff Software Engineer

    Working on MEAN Stack Projects. Build many features from scratch which includes API creation and render the result on front-end app.

    Working on Flutter Projects. Developing 10Pearls University application from scratch. Creating user interface and then rendering the data from API on those pages. It includes smooth transition between pages and animation as well.

    Folio3 - April 2021 - April 2022

    Senior Software Engineer

    Worked on Oracle NetSuite ERP Customizations using Suite Script. I have developed multiple types of Suite Scripts for multiple clients while working in this role. Worked on multiple User Event Scripts for handling scenarios of server side while creating or updating that record. Created many Client Scripts for handling stuff on client side, either its some field level customization/validation or button click handler event. Used few Map-Reduce Scripts for complex scenarios in which there will be large dataset to process and to change some value of field or record based on that.

    Moreover, I have did CSV Exporting & Importing, Design and developed many ZPL Labels & Customization on custom buttons that includes generating PDF using Suitelet, Custom Pop-up having functionalities etc.

    ePlanet Communications - Aug 2020 - Mar 2021

    Flutter Developer

    Worked on OK Click n Collect. This is a shopping facility where a customer can buy or order goods from local stores and collect them with ease. It has an option of Khaata (Ledger) for a customer. Vendor can maintain the Khaata of the customer and notify him his account balance after each transaction. Customer can pay in a week or a month. It has developed using Flutter as frontend and PHP with MySQL as backend.

    GuruGroup LLC - Mar 2018 - Aug 2020

    Software Engineer III

    Worked on Alabama Clinics. Developed using Flutter as front-end and Node JS with MongoDB as backend. This app is easy to use and has expedient features that put you within reach of your healthcare at all times. Here are just a few of the things you can do, from the convenience of your mobile device. Key features of the app includes: Quick and self-registration along-with other family member registration for tests, Receive timely notifications, Receive test results on mobile app

    Worked on Employee Attendance Portal. This app enables employees to check-in & checkout. The system allows businesses to monitor employee activity, such as early or late check-in/out, miss-punch, leave records management, work-from-home status and weekly, monthly, yearly reporting. AngularJS is used as front-end, Node JS with MongoDB as backend.

    Software Engineer II

    Worked on LIS365 Patient Check-in App. This app is a Patient check-in solution for clinics and labs via facerecognition. On first visit, user will register as a new patient and then on next visit, app will recognize the patient by face-deduction feature by standing in front of device and app will welcome them. This is an iOS based app; it converts any tablet to a Patient check-in device. This solution has also a web portal where you can view the checked in and registered patients. This system can also integrated with any ERP or ERM. We have used Azure Face API for facial recognition. Flutter is used as front-end and Node JS with MongoDB as backend.

    Worked on Mobile POS & Payment Gateway App. Developed using Flutter as front-end and Node JS with MongoDB as backend. ProPay API has used for payment integration and BBPOS devices for card swapping. Build native functionalities for Android and iOS for payment processing, as Flutter did not have full support for ProPay APIs yet. This app is a Mobile POS that enables shopkeepers to create their sales. By using this app, one can accept plastic payment via card swapper, EMV chips and NFC Cards. This solution also has a vendor portal where user can view their transaction details and manage their POS products

    Software Engineer I

    Worked on Travelling App. In this app, Flutter is used as front-end and Firebase as backend. This app is for travel agencies to offer their packages to the users. Users can view the offered packages from them and can buy those packages. On purchasing the package, user will assign some activities related to that package. Activities will be marked completed via location or by manual. Agents can track their activity details via the Admin portal.

    Worked on Mr Milk Consumer and Rider App. These apps are developed using Flutter as frontend and Node JS with MongoDB as backend. This solution enables users to manage their organic milk subscriptions. From consumer app, a user can subscribe, unsubscribe, view delivery history, billing history and get delivery notifications. Rider app, which helps the rider to manage their delivery. It guides the rider about customer address, milk quantities, and delivery timings. This solution also includes an admin portal on which admin can manage their financials, riders and customer subscriptions.

    Worked on a Backend of a Flutter App. Designed DB using MongoDB and developed .NET Core Web APIs for CRUD operations. Implemented Identity Server for securing APIs. Hosted that DB and APIs on Docker as well.

    MazikGlobal - Aug 2016 - Mar 2018

    Software Engineer I

    Worked on MazikCare, an Apache Cordova Application. Developed many features from Scratch and part of team who visits On-Site (KSA) for the Go-Live of the Project.

    MazikCare has been made to automate just about every healthcare process, including billing, patient scheduling, creating and managing patient records, picture/image archiving, prescribing medication, and more. It includes: Full ERP functionality on top of MS Dynamics AX, Electronic medical records, Medical billing, Patient scheduling, Radiology information system, communication system, Medical accounting, Clinical decision support, Lab integration and Web accessible. The data has been populated from Services which are made on .NET.

    Also Worked on Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Web resources, Entities, Forms Web resources and Plugins.

  • Freelancing Projects


    Technology: Flutter

    This app helps you to get out of the turmoil. It can prevent your getting caught more and more into illness. It lets you find your inner strength and help nature in helping you towards health and healing from inside.

    JF Pro

    Technology: Flutter

    This app is for the gym owners & their trainers. It has the functionality of assignments of training, food plans & supplementations to their users. They can keep track their user’s trainings. User can purchase the paid plans & supplementations from this app as well. Users can directly chat with their trainer, monitoring plan and much more.

    Learning Soda

    Technology: Flutter

    This app helps students to enroll into a lecture registered by instructors on this app in different categories. Lectures are delivered via video chat. Student can chat to instructor & marked lesson favorite as well

    Baby HQ

    Technology: Flutter

    This app offers a simple, streamlined way to track your baby’s daily habits, health etc. You can log feedings, diaper changes, sleep patterns, track your pregnancy, can update the details and even photos in just a single tap.

    Personal Projects

    Mere Yaaroun

    Technology: Flutter

    An Android app of my father's poetry collection

    Karachi Bus Route Locator

    Technology: Android

    An android app through which Karachi citizens can find name of the buses which travels between any two locations by just selecting the starting and ending locations. The app has another feature that it also shows the routes of a particular bus like D1, D7 and W11 etc. It also includes Google Map which detects your location.